Selecting the topic of your thesis will be the most difficult task to start this process, there are so many topics that you can talk about that you ask yourself, now what do I do? You start by imagining the day your thesis will be awarded, or that the teacher who never believed in you will come and tell you, I was wrong, yours is the best thesis I’ve read! Do not worry, dreaming is the best thing in the world, however, it is time for you to wake up and decide what you are going to talk about and write about during the next months (or days if you do it with great dedication).

For this, we leave you some tips to select the best thesis topic possible:

  1. The first thing you should do is to think about a topic that you like or that you are passionate about, maybe you have read or heard it many times, because it is the best advice for you to enjoy the moments in which you develop your thesis.
  2. Unless you are studying a PhD, the subject of your thesis should not be so pretentious, try to make it as simple as possible, this will facilitate its understanding and also make the process easier. Remember to find a topic that is interesting but achievable according to your skills and abilities.
  3. Choose a topic about which you have written, or about which you have some type of knowledge or some skill. Remember that it is very complicated to write extensive texts on a topic that you do not know, the search for information and the understanding of the topics will take more time, and therefore the thesis will take longer to finish. In addition, you can make many more mistakes than if you work on a subject that dominates even very briefly.
  4. Although you think that the first thing is to write the research proposal with a topic that seemed right, without investigating the state of the art or the availability of information, this is not the right thing to do. One of the most important steps when selecting the subject is to verify if there are data in books, journals, databases, websites, organizations, experts, etc. about it There are several thesis students who have had to leave the research in half because they do not find information after a while.
  5. Establish clear limits for your topic, although there are topics whose scope of study can be extended to infinity, you must establish a reasonable investigative scope, both in the time and space of the study, and in the development of contents within the final document of thesis.
  6. If a topic catches your attention just because it is currently trending, but you do not have the slightest idea what it is about, it is better to study a classic that you know, because the approval of your thesis does not depend on how modern or recognized the subject, but the ability to develop it in the best way by the researcher.

At this point you may say, I have done all of the above but still I can not find a good topic for my thesis, it usually happens! Then we leave you a list of the various ways in which you can get a success theme for your degree work.

Read a lot, has not it happened that before you did not know that there was a certain topic, but once you read a small article or another text, you are inexplicably interested in it and are very curious to know more ?, or do you discover the good What are you to understand and talk about this topic? There may be the solution to your problem.

Professional practices are always a source of knowledge and experience, what would you like to do a thesis applied to the place where you did this practice ?, or what if that place leads you to discover a social, economic, political or nature problem about which you can write and propose some solution strategy in your thesis?

Your university can become an inexhaustible list of topics to investigate, your classmates, a teacher, research groups, student events, etc. can be the best source of inspiration to find your object of study, because in them you can find a theme that really fulfills your expectations and encourages you to study it.

Do not leave aside your daily personal experiences, many times in our daily lives are the answers, from an aunt who talks to you about something that worries you and asks for your opinion, even your mom when she speaks proudly about some talent of yours with the rest of the family.

In case you currently have a subject, but after a few days you realize that you do not like it in the least, that you bore work on the thesis of just thinking about reading about it, it is better to stop a moment, discard that theme and find one to which you adapt in the best way, remember that this will accompany you for many days. In addition, you must guarantee to have an investigation on which the ideas come to you in a satisfactory way, that your creativity flows and that writing the thesis is always a pleasant moment.

Finally, keep in mind the tips that we mentioned, remember that the most important thing at this moment is to finish it quickly and with quality, so you can close this cycle of undergraduate student and continue with your life project.

Remember that the fewer afternoons in choosing your theme, the fewer days will be needed to show off your cap and gown.